Pre Primary Education

The Kindergarten wing at BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL is like a happy garden full of tender buds like children who bloom into beautiful flowers as we nurture them to grow to their full potential.

The quality and nature of a child’s early experiences in life lay the foundation and architect the brain for all the learning and behaviour that follows. At BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, we cherish our role to deliver joyful, holistic, child-centric education and develop appropriate learning experiences at this critical stage of a child’s life.

The school works on the principles of Child Psychology and teaches students in a play way method. Kids are nurtured into a homely environment full of love, affection and passion where they learn to move around, interact, play, understand and grasp.

At BPS, kindergarten children are taught not only the fundamentals of education but also they learn good manners (etiquettes), traditions and our culture.


From learning to cut with scissors or hold a pencil, learning to share or wait for turns and to solve problems, there are many developmental skills for preschoolers.

The early years are the time to build a strong foundation in all developmental areas. Meeting specific milestones in all four domains of development and learning is the motive of BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL which will help preschoolers to establish behaviors and skills that will make them successful.

  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language Development
  • Social & Emotional Development


  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Cognitive or thinking skills help children to explore, observe, create, ask questions, do new tasks, and solve problems.The teachers at BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL help children think and plan what they’re going to do, encourage children to discuss and think more deeply about ideas, and include children when making decisions.


  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Physical development includes fine and gross motor skills which play a vital part in our learning program in Kindergarten. Hence, we target on developing these skills through organizing indoor and outdoor sports activities. Such sports activities also focus on muscle control, balance, and coordination.


  • As healthy diet is obligatory for a proper physical development,therefore, we have designed a well-balanced diet plan full of nutrition for our little ones to promote a healthy lifestyle among our kids.


  • We lay special emphasis on exercise, yoga and carry a weekly schedule to follow this practice.
  • We develop self-help skills like washing hands, keeping their surroundings clean, dressing neatly etc.


  • LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: Developing communication skills are extremely important so that they can communicate their ideas and feelings. Hence, the school runs two major programs to fulfill its language development objectives.


PHONEMIC AWARENESS PROGRAM that focuses on the letters and sounds of the alphabet. With the help of phonics in early childhood, the children not only learn 26 letters but 44 sounds as well, which develops the kid’s phonemic skills. It includes segmentation and blending. We also use audio-visual aids for phonics and rhymes.

            The Sight Words Program: We teach 100 sight words (most commonly used words) in our sight word program and motivate students to use these words regularly and frame small sentences on these words.  



Children are naturally social and curious. They are also packed with many emotions.  BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, hence helps the kids in navigating their feelings and make them learn to react and respond in social situations. We create a healthy and happy environment to develop friendships among kids and healthy relationships with teachers and elders.

We make them culturally aware and work on imparting high moral values to our children.


ABL(Activity Based Learning) : At BPS kindergarten we focus on enhancing skills of the little ones through stage performances, poetry recitation, show and tell activities, etc. which boosts their confidence, improves their social skills and also develops their creativity and imagination.



  • Smart classes – BANSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL facilitates the learning processes through smart classes. Smart classes are must for new age education as they provide audio-visual learning which is considered highly effective and help students to grasp the concepts quickly.
  • Play Zone – Play zone is the most iconic and happening place of our Kindergarten Wing where children develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.